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Conner Partners offers deep experience.

We were the first company to combine the disciplines of strategic intent alignment, change management, and program management to offer a comprehensive approach and robust methodology for realizing the true business goals of major transformational change.

For four decades, Conner Partners has a demonstrated history of breaking new ground in helping organizations implement change. Through the years, we have worked with over one-third of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as numerous U.S. and international governing bodies enabling them to successfully navigate large-scale transformations and critical strategic initiatives. The interactive timeline below outlines some of the milestones that have marked the last 38 years.

Founder Daryl Conner

Founder Daryl Conner

International strategy execution expert Daryl R. Conner has spent four decades supporting senior executives through transformational change. The patterns of successful execution of strategic change initiatives are known, reliable, and replicable. His many years of research and hands-on experience have led to a deep understanding of these patterns and how to use them to guide leaders to success.

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Conner Partners Timeline:


ODR is founded by Daryl Conner.


ODR provides change management training and consulting to the White House and U.S. Congress.


ODR is chosen as the change management partner of choice by four of the "Big Six" professional services consulting firms.


ODR works with Soviet business leaders as the U.S.S.R. prepares for its attempt at a free-market economy.


ODR is invited by South African businesses to help them manage the changes associated with the emerging economic and social order.


ODR develops assessment tools for individual, team, and organizational resilience.


ODR is the first company to develop a methodology for creating enterprise-wide nimbleness.


ODR works with clients to integrate change management and project management methodologies.


ODR becomes Conner Partners and develops the first strategy execution framework to fully integrate Intent, People, and Delivery.


Conner Partners adds seasoned consultants specializing in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance, helping to formalize the healthcare practice.


Conner Partners expands Building Capability offerings to more fully support the execution of major change and develop strong internal capability within its clients’ organizations.


Conner Partners expands work in the Financial Services sector, building on previous client experience and addressing the heightened needs of clients in this industry.


Conner Partners deepens support for experienced change practitioners with Daryl’s unique blog, Change Thinking.


Conner Partners’ breadth and depth of change execution success in the healthcare industry expands by supporting clients who are responding to healthcare reform.