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Giving Back

Through our Community Investment Program (CIP), Conner Partners strives to give back to the communities in which we work.

We view the communities where we work as clients to whom we can provide value. CIP is a key mechanism to help achieve our company goal of giving back to these communities; in doing so, we gain a sense of well-being that comes from sharing our abundance.

There are three main components of the Community Investment Program:

Planned Activities

CIP planned activities are anticipated, structured, and scheduled far in advance. These are annual commitments we pledge ourselves to fulfill regardless of the company’s profitability or how busy we may be with client commitments. We use two currencies when investing in others: money and time.

Our Money
A fixed percentage of the company’s annual profit is placed in the Community Sharing Account (CSA) for distribution to groups or institutions engaged in charitable activities we would like to support.

Our Time
A fixed percent of the aggregate time available for normal work activities is allocated into two categories:

  • Vision Partner Projects: A Vision Partner is a nonprofit organization that is pursuing a vision we believe in and that we feel could benefit from our expertise, but lacks the funds to secure our services. Each year, we select at least one Vision Partner in which to invest ourselves.
  • Community Work Projects: Each year, we select one or more community work projects that provide us with an opportunity to come together either as a single firm-wide team or in smaller teams to support causes we believe in and want to invest in with our physical presence.

Quick Response

This is Conner Partners’ answer to unanticipated situations we feel compelled as an organization to address. These activities cannot be predetermined or planned. By having a process in place to respond to individuals and communities facing times of emergency or trauma, Conner Partners is able to provide rapid and targeted assistance.

Coordinated Efforts

Members of the Conner Partners family also use the Community Investment Program as a vehicle to make other Conner Partners associates aware of additional opportunities to serve their communities. The program provides a central point of communication for our company to ensure everyone is aware of outside activities and has the chance to be involved.


Request for Information
If you would like more information about the Community Investment Program, please send an email to CIP@ or write to us at:

CIP Committee Chair
Conner Partners
1230 Peachtree Street
Suite 1900
Atlanta, GA 30309