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Strategy Executed…Results Realized

Michael Glavich

Michael is senior vice president of business development with Conner Partners, where he works with global subject matter experts on strategy execution.

Michael’s strengths include a keen ability to listen and quickly comprehend the big idea in complex business situations. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an ability to identify game changing possibilities and facilitate collaborative groups to achieve those possibilities.

Building commitment to major strategic change requires a real connection to each executive involved in the change process. As Michael has experienced, "It is critical to gain an understanding of what is important to each person and tap into that motivation to achieve collaborative success."

Michael's professional focus is on business acceleration—a unique combination of strategy, marketing, and whole-product development that seeks to "change the playing field" in productizing, marketing, and selling professional services.

As a business accelerator, Michael has developed and introduced a number of innovative, growth-oriented strategies. Constantly pushing the envelope on new ways of thinking, Michael led development of the go-to-market strategy for a private-label electronic bill payment and presentation solution for financial services institutions. The solution became a nine-figure brand. He orchestrated one of the most successful soft-drink rollouts in history, the Pepsi Challenge, and developed the Industry Council on Food Safety for the National Restaurant Association, igniting an industry movement around food safety. At the Concours Group, a management-consulting firm focused on transforming clients into next-generation enterprises, he led the firm’s launch of the Agile & Collaborative Technologies division.

His industry background includes health care, financial services, insurance, consumer products, hospitality, and high-tech industries.

Michael received his BA in finance and communication from the University of Central Florida. Before pursuing a career in consulting, he worked in radio and TV as a news reporter. He has also lent his business accelerator expertise to forward-thinking philanthropic organizations, including the National Easter Seal’s Corporate Advisory Council.

Janice Summers

Janice has spent more than 20 years in the communications divisions of several consulting firms and has a background spanning graphic design, writing, editing, advertising, project management, and trade show management. Her experience is wide-ranging: she has produced corporate magazines, trained consultants to create and deliver keynote presentations, conducted usability studies for large corporate websites, produced an annual large-scale financial analysis of more than 200 industry leaders, and developed corporate presentation and document quality standards.

Janice is senior editor and has been a member of the Conner Partners team since 2005. She ensures the highest quality in our intellectual property and client deliverables with her ability to see the big picture while paying attention to the details of any project with which she is involved. She is gifted at finding ways to transfer capabilities to time-pressed consultants, helping them quickly improve content and quality as well as productivity. She also excels at embracing and incorporating the rapid changes in language usage, technology, and communication styles.

Janice works closely with Daryl Conner, editing his presentations, thought leadership papers, and blog.

She currently chairs the firm’s community investment program.

Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman has served as both a consultant and line manager for more than 30 years. During this time, he has earned a reputation for helping organizations successfully implement both strategic and tactical change. Brian is equally skilled at working with senior executives and front-line employees.

During his years of professional experience, Brian has worked extensively in the financial services, health care, telecom, and not-for-profit sectors. He has applied his skills to mergers and acquisitions, organizational re-structuring, technology implementation, and process design. Brian has also served as the CFO of a $6-million non-profit agency.

Brian is knowledge architect at Conner Partners and has worked with the firm’s methodologies since 1988. He is a strong contributor to the growth of both the methodology and its applications. Brian is passionate about working with clients who are truly committed to realizing the benefits of their change programs. He says, "My reward comes in working from the shadows, leaving clients not only successful in achieving the results they were seeking, but also stronger and better prepared to face their future change initiatives."

Brian delivers results. He helps his clients clarify their goals, understand the risks they face in the achievement of those goals, and develop and implement strategies to mitigate those risks and reach their objectives. Brian also trains and coaches executives and change agents to perform their roles successfully.

Brian holds master’s degrees in human relations (University of Oklahoma) and higher education administration (University of Texas), as well as a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Syracuse University.