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Our Approach

Execution success is at the heart of everything
we do.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve the expected value and intended outcomes of your change endeavors by fostering:

  • an understanding of all of the implications of your initiative and what is involved in reaching change success,
  • the commitment to do whatever is necessary to achieve full realization, and
  • alignment with other key players to create a united front.

Every plan we help facilitate, every action we advise you to take, and every intervention in the execution of an important change is intended to foster understanding, commitment, and alignment.

Our approach to Strategy Execution is comprised of five elements.

Mindset—Once leaders recognize what it really takes to deliver the promised benefits of critically important change, we are able to help them develop the mindset that supports successful execution.

Methodology—We offer a proven, reliable framework built on decades of application history. Our Change Execution Methodology (CEM) provides the structure necessary to achieve execution success. Designed to proactively identify and mitigate risks to realization, CEM provides the required steps to develop a plan, assign resources, estimate duration, anticipate and mitigate risk, while maintaining a line-of-sight to the promised outcomes. At the most detailed level, the methodology is a “how-to” linked to templates, examples, white papers, and guides. Its flexible design allows integration with the tools, processes, and resources you already have in place.

Terminology—Clear and efficient communication is critical to the implementation process as the complexity and speed of change continues to increase. Commonly defined terms that are well understood throughout your organization help make communication fast and precise.

Tools—Through a combination of assessments, models, evaluations, guides, white papers, and templates, we ensure your organization has the information and the resources it needs to achieve the desired outcomes.

Skills—As important as the right mindset, methodology, terminology, and tools are, they must be matched with the ability to know when and how to use them properly. We offer skill development for everyone engaged in the change process, from executive leadership to front-line employees. In addition, formal certification is available for change agents.