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When You Need Us

For Change Agents

Get-it-done people suddenly have more to get done.

With the increasing pace and complexity of change, organizations are looking to professional change facilitators to play a more critical role in ensuring that strategic plans are successfully translated into results. The traditional tools of change management and project management remain important, but often leave you unprepared for the challenges of change today. Conner Partners builds on the knowledge and skills that you have while bringing advanced experience and an integrated approach to the Intent, People, and Delivery risks that are a part of every large-scale change initiative.

Working side-by-side with you on a daily basis, our consulting staff is not just another set of hands. Each consultant brings a rich history of professional change experience, coupled with a deep immersion into the Conner Partners Approach to change. In this way, we not only provide support for achieving success on your current change, we also facilitate the development of your skills as a change practitioner.

How We Help

  • Advise
    • Provide one-on-one counsel and coaching to you in your role as an agent of change
    • Help you prepare for the tough conversations that are required as you support your change leadership
    • Alert you to risks that we see as they arise
    • Guide you in the development of risk mitigation recommendations
  • Execute
    • Partner with you in the planning, tracking, and execution of your change initiative
    • Support you in the integration of your existing tools, skills, and processes with the mindset, methodology, terminology, tools, and skills of the Conner Partners Approach
  • Build Capability
    • Broaden and deepen your skills as a change practitioner; develop your ability to proactively anticipate Intent, People, and Delivery risks, and to develop sound approaches to mitigating these risks

What It Means To You

  • Ensures sound execution among leaders, and cascades it throughout the organization
  • Enables broad-based readiness for change by increasing knowledge and resilience throughout the organization
  • Develops deep expertise and a sound approach to facilitating change to achieve future execution success
  • Builds a reputation for enabling the success of your most difficult change initiatives