Conner Partners

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When You Need Us

For Business Leaders

When you are responsible for a major change initiative, we can help you manage the challenge.

As a business leader, you’ve been there before—at the helm of a critical project, with a big budget and the chance to make a difference. It’s an incredible opportunity and an incredible challenge. You are keenly aware that, in order to succeed, you need more than fanfare and initial momentum. Success will require long-term persistence, flawless execution, and successfully navigating the human landscape of change. Our services are designed to support these efforts—from start to finish.

How We Help

    • Advise—Provide one-on-one counsel and coaching to you and other key business leaders as you navigate your business units into the future; guide you in balancing the demands of day-to-day operations with the pivotal role you play in change success
    • Execute—Assist you in tailoring and applying our approach (mindset, methodology, terminology, tools, and skills) to your most critical change initiatives; support you in leading your change through the difficult challenges it will inevitably face
    • Build Capability—Strengthen your understanding and skills in successfully sponsoring major change

What It Means To You

    • Translates high-level vision to bottom-line reality
    • Maximizes the effective use of your resources
    • Minimizes the loss of productivity and quality that accompanies any major change
    • Helps you live up to your promises