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What We Do

The Value For You

With Conner Partners’ help, you will:

Achieve Full Realization—Too often, leaders promise realization, but their organizations plan for and achieve only installation. They fail to deliver the full value that was promised when funding was secured.

Get It Done Right the First Time—We will support your team with our deep expertise, helping you avoid costly mistakes by quickly identifying the knowledge and skills that are in short supply.

Maximize “Return on Change”—You can build the internal capability to make execution a competitive advantage when you implement your initiative. With Conner Partners’ guidance, you will learn to:

  • develop an accurate, informed case for change,
  • define your realization goals and determine the true financial and human cost of achieving them,
  • put processes in place to track progress and measure results, and
  • ensure that you take timely action if initiative success is at risk.

Avoid Overloading Your Organization—Accomplish your initiative’s goals with a minimum amount of the disruption that comes from too much change happening too quickly. Measure and manage the total load on key constituencies, identify and address competing priorities, and reduce non-value-added work.

Increase Organizational Nimbleness—Develop execution knowledge and skills throughout your organization to ensure your current initiative’s success and be better prepared for even more demanding change in the future.