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What We Do


Truth: Strategy is hard; execution is harder.

When it comes to executing major strategic change, people come to us for one of two reasons: They’ve already tried to implement significant strategic initiatives with little or no success, or they are preparing to do so and recognize how challenging it will be. Whatever your strategy execution challenges, we are able to support you through a tailored application of the Conner Partners Approach. Four decades of research and client applications provide the needed guidance for bringing together the mindset, methodology, terminology, tools, and skills to guide you to a successful outcome.

Intervening in Initiatives That Are Stuck—Every initiative gets stuck at some point. Even the best leaders hit roadblocks, lose momentum, or find themselves unable to move an initiative forward. We offer a variety of interventions that uncover the cause(s) and quickly provide remedies for your stuck projects.

Executing Strategic Initiatives Jointly With Your Teams—We provide a team of highly seasoned professionals who bring the right mix of expertise to support your organization and its unique challenges. Our team works with your team to plan, execute, and realize the expected business outcomes from your strategic initiatives.