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Building Capability

How do you replicate execution success?

Whether you’re looking for an executive briefing or are in need of building capability to execute a major strategic change, Conner Partners is prepared to support you. We will work with you to address immediate priorities as well as strengthen your long-term strategy execution competence. Our approach to building change proficiency combines the transfer of knowledge through briefings and workshops with the guided application of that knowledge as we work side-by-side with you on your change initiative.

Transferring Strategy Execution Expertise—As we plan our engagement together, we will work with you to establish goals for building your change execution skills, with an eye toward decreasing the need for external assistance in the future.

Executive Briefings—Conner Partners’ deep experience navigating the challenges of strategy execution can be easily summarized for senior officers. We will work with your leaders to help them better understand the dynamics of successfully implementing strategic change and their role in guiding such an effort.

Capability-Building Workshops—We are prepared to conduct workshops at all levels of your organization, from senior executives through business leaders, change agents, middle management, and front-line employees. We tailor each workshop to your organization, the change that you are executing, and the participants themselves.

  • Senior Executives—Sponsor Development Series strengthens your understanding of, and the skills involved in, your role as a sponsor of change.
  • Business Leaders—Sponsor Development Series helps you clarify the distinctions between your role, that of the senior executives, and that of your change agents.
  • Change Agents—Successfully Executing Strategic Change, Change Agent Toolkit, Agent Level 1, Agent Level 2, and Agent Level 3 prepares agents at different levels of your organization to support the successful execution of your strategic change.
  • Middle Management—Sponsoring Successful Change strengthens middle management’s practical understanding of the duties and actions required of them, and the critical role they play in successful execution.
  • Front-Line Employees—Adapting to Change helps your employees better understand their own responses to change, and be prepared for the changes that will affect them.

We support capability-building workshops with 1:1 and/or group coaching and advising. We can also provide a help line when appropriate.

Application Workshops—As you move through the change process, application workshops provide key members of your organization with the opportunity to develop specific skills to support progress toward realization. Among the application workshops that may be a part of your change initiative are ones that help establish intent clarity, build a successful change portfolio, enroll the organization in the change, and plan the transitions that are critical to initiative success. Triage-type workshops are employed if your initiative loses the needed momentum or becomes stuck.