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Wednesday, March 12

Daryl Conner to discuss Strategy Execution on 21st Century Business


Daryl Conner’s interview with host Jackie Bales of 21st Century Business is scheduled to air on CNBC on Wednesday, March 12.

21st Century Business airs on various national cable networks that are watched by over 100-million viewers nationwide, as well as internationally via DirectTV and Dish Network.

The 21CBTV Series is also available at more than 27 prestigious colleges and universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College, and Georgetown University.

Click here for an advance preview of the segment and to learn more about the show’s airing on CNBC.

Sunday, March 30 – Wednesday, April 2

ACMP Global Conference, Orlando, Florida

At Change Management 2014, ACMP’s annual global conference, several members of the Conner Partners team will participate as members of the conference committee and as presenters.

Jody Feldman chairs this year’s conference committee and has been deeply involved in the design and content selection for the 2014 conference.

Daryl Conner will participate on a panel entitled “Change Management as a Profession—Where It Started, Where It Is, and Where It’s Going.” Joining him on the panel will be Luc Galoppin, Dean Anderson, and Donna Brighton. Daryl will also present a post-conference workshop on Wednesday, April 2 from 1:30 – 5:30 p.m. with Mel Toomey. The workshop, entitled “Raising Your Game,” offers change practitioners the opportunity to explore the relationship between a practitioner’s character and presence, and the impact he or she has with clients.

Dr. Linda Hoopes will present a case study on change overload entitled “Dysfunction Junction—Managing Change Overload.” Jessica Bronzert of Lowe’s will join Linda for the presentation.

Monday, May 5 – Tuesday, May 6

Conference Board of Canada Change Management Conference, Toronto, Ontario

At the Conference Board of Canada’s annual Change Management Conference, Gail Severini has a dual role. She will moderate a panel of change experts discussing “Whither Change Management? Change Management’s Current State and Future Prospects” and she will present “Is Change Management Strategic or Tactical?” during the conference concurrent sessions.