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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Research supports everything we do.

We’re committed to building our methodology on a strong foundation of research. We’ve been doing it for four decades, and it continues to be a critical element of our approach.

Our research is field based. It incorporates data analysis and qualitative observation; each client engagement adds to our insights and our databases. It results in practical tools and benchmarks that can help you calibrate your performance and your risk. It also helps support the books and articles that educate and inform our clients and many others throughout the world.

The topics we pursue range from the very specific (what is the impact of cross-project resource constraints on initiative success?), to the very general (what enables some people to bounce back from change more quickly than others?), from the individual (who is likely to display the strongest resistance?) to the cross-organizational (what makes some companies better at execution than others?). Asking good questions is one of our favorite pursuits.