I have been very drawn to Sandra Walston’s work. She’s authored several books and many articles, but what really got my attention is her newly published third book, titled Face It: 12 Obstacles That Hold You Back on the Job. You might not think a book with that title has implications for change practitioners, but it is thoroughly researched and provides some excellent perspectives on courage that I think are relevant to all of us to some degree. Sandra and I have had several exchanges about the importance of courage in change management, and I think you will find the interview, and her book, enlightening.

In the first session, Sandra talks about “courageous leadership.” She has developed 12 techniques for using courage to overcome work-related barriers that can keep us from achieving our goals.


In session 2, Sandra digs deeper into three of the 12 courage techniques and offers listeners access to her Courage Wheel, which lists the 12 obstacles as well as the complementary courage techniques for addressing them.


In our last session together, Sandra gives several examples of how to identify issues and display the talents of a “courageous change agent.”


You can learn more about Sandra and her work on her website:

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