Peter and I have spent many hours chatting with one another about a variety of topics. He is a writer and lecturer, but to me, Peter is primarily a thinker. He elicits thinking from me that I didn’t know was there. He has the ability to ask penetrating, thought-provoking questions that draw out thinking. He also shares thoughts and perceptions that I always find compelling.

Although Peter comes from a general manager orientation, he is now a consultant working with individuals and groups trying to create new markets. As he says, this keeps him constantly involved in those “burning platform” conversations.

In segment 1, during a discussion of the 70% failure rate of change initiatives, Peter describes the idea of using attraction, instead of fear, to get the results we need with targets of change.


In segment 2, Peter continues to talk about the fear/attraction continuum and how it speaks to the transformational journey.


In segment 3, using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Peter contrasts fear (externally driven) with attraction (internally driven) and explains how we can use that hierarchy to our advantage.


In segment 4, Peter outlines a seven-step process for an attraction-based approach to executing a change initiative.


You can learn more about Peter and his methodology from his website, . Peter’s email is

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