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I met Luc through his blog about nine months ago. I started an email conversation with him, which opened an exchange that led to some Skype conversations. The more I got to know him, the more I felt he was a rich source of information/experience for any practitioner; there is a depth to him that I genuinely appreciate. Recently, we were able to spend some face-to-face time together. He agreed to record this interview, but I have to admit that I struggled with narrowing the topics for our short exchange because he is involved in so many aspects of change, including a hefty amount of research and writing. We somehow managed to limit our recorded conversation to four areas.

In our first segment, we talk about his unique perspective on what I call his organizing structure. His definition of change management affects how he organizes his engagements and even his thought processes.


In segment 2, Luc talks about his adaptation of the three C’s—conceptualizing, coordinating, consolidating—from the book, The Empty Raincoat, by Charles Handy.


In segment 3, Luc talks about what he terms Social Architecture and how it can be used at the engagement level.

You can download Luc’s free ebook on Social Architecture here.


Finally, although it is vital for us as practitioners to be good at replicating the science of what we do on a day-to-day basis, there is also an art to our craft, an edge where we take risks and move into territory we’re not so familiar with. Luc is pioneering in unclaimed space in several areas of his work. Listen in segment 4 as he talks about his unusual approach to working with leaders who may not understand that they, as well as their organizations, need to transform.


By the way, I am excited that Luc has offered to illustrate some of the key concepts I use on this blog. He has a unique ability to capture the essence of complex concepts using easy-to-understand graphics. You can see his work in the Learning series, as well as in my series on Momentum and Critical Mass. When you click on an illustration, you will be taken to his Flickr site. I hope you will also check out his newly re-designed website at

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