dean_med I  recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Dean Anderson, a thought leader in the field of organization transformation. I have known Dean for more than 20 years, and greatly respect his work. His unique understanding of mindset, culture, and process gives him a deep strategic perspective, but he also has a depth and strength of character that very few people in the industry offer.

Dean’s current passion is helping senior executives become more “co-creative,” and less “command and control” so they can lead and build co-creative organizations. He is currently writing a book on co-creating and personal transformation.

Dean and his wife and partner, Linda Ackerman Anderson, are two of the pioneers of change management. They co-founded Being First, a leader development and transformational change consulting firm in Durango, Colorado. Their books, Beyond Change Management and The Change Leader’s Roadmap, are key resources for practitioners.

In our first segment, Dean describes the components of transformational change, and how he helps clients identify the type of change they’re dealing with and, in the case of transformational change, commit to breakthrough results that will achieve something extraordinary.


In segment 2, Dean describes the process of change as a non-linear, emergent process with many twists and turns. In this process, clients are going to a place they haven’t fully identified, and he reminds us of how unnerving that can be to people.

He also talks about the correlation between success and leaders’ mindsets, and the number one way to make resistance to change go away.


In the last segment, Dean talks about clients who struggle with whether to manage change from the top down or the bottom up. We also discuss how to achieve leader alignment, cascade it down from the senior level, and sustain it throughout the life of the transformation.


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