Since 2009, I have authored more than 70 series (200+ separate posts) under the Change Thinking banner. When I set out on this writing odyssey, I wanted to maintain a rhythm of publishing one post every week. I have remained true to that pace for almost four years.

I have much more to say about why I feel who we are as change practitioners is at least as important as what we do. How we show up when serving our clients—the character and presence we bring forward—is a much-neglected aspect of practicing our craft and I plan to keep blogging about it for as long as you continue to tell me you are interested in the subject. However, I will no longer post every week. Instead, I am moving to a periodic publishing schedule. By shifting to a slower, less regimented stride, I’ll still be able to keep the character/presence conversation fresh, but I’ll also have time for some other projects I’m eager to launch (more about those in the future).

You can learn when new posts are published by:

I encourage you to draw on what is already in the blog. Just look in the sidebar for multiple ways to find what is available. (You can also click on Glossary in the navigation bar to access dozens of terms reflecting key points from previous postings.)

I look forward to what comes next on this writing journey and I hope you continue to find it of interest. Thanks for your encouragement, support, and participation during Change Thinking’s evolution.

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