Daryl Conner

August 28, 2012

Use Pain and Hope to Execute Change


As I described earlier in this series of posts, what drove my original interest in the Piper Alpha event was my desire to find a metaphor to reflect the commitment needed to sustain movement away from unacceptable conditions. The burning-platform story is about the level of resolve it takes to break from the past and […]

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August 21, 2012

The Four Kinds of Burning Platforms


Contrary to how some people relate to the term “burning platform,” I don’t see it as a story of disaster. To me it’s a tale of courage and tenacity that illustrates the commitment necessary to face the risk and uncertainty inherent in departing from the current state of affairs.
I never intended to give the impression that an emergency was always necessary to motivate sustained major change. If one word is associated with the story, I would prefer it be resolve rather than peril. People don’t have to face a life-threatening situation or organizational insolvency in order to support fundamental change. I’ll say more about that in this post.

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August 7, 2012

The Mechanics of Contracting


In my last post, I described the importance of contracting between change facilitators and the sponsors they serve, and I outlined the basic principles involved. Many practitioners are not as proficient in this skill as they need to be. In this post, I outline a framework of principles for contracting based on my experience.

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