Daryl Conner

June 12, 2012

Guest Interview—Peter Meyer


Peter Meyer is a writer and lecturer, but to me, Peter is primarily a thinker. He has the ability to ask penetrating, thought-provoking questions that draw out thinking. He also shares thoughts and perceptions that I always find compelling.

I recently spoke with Peter to get his thoughts about the idea of using attraction, instead of fear, to get the results we need with targets of change. In the interview, he outlines his seven-step process for using an attraction-based approach to executing a change initiative.

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June 5, 2012

What to Stop or Avoid During Ongoing Turbulence


I have been talking in this series about how to respond to a client who wants you to give him or her a big-picture view of what the organization will have to address to fully realize the goals of a large change initiative. In my first post, I shared some suggestions for answering the question, “What is a realistic set of expectations I should have about embarking on this change?” In the second post, I began answering a second question: “Can you give me some general DOs and DON’Ts that will likely apply to what we’re facing?” In this final post, I’ll finish answering that question.

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